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Watchmaking Project focuses on restoration, servicing and refinishing of high-end luxury timepieces. The workshop facility meets high-end industry mechanical workshop standards.

The team has being involved in watchmaking for over a couple of generations. We have had watchmakers that serve the watch industry across the globe— from the Swiss Mountains of Le Sentier, to the luxury flagship boutiques in Fifth Avenue New York City, and the booming economy of Hong Kong.


We have the most qualified horologist and expert craftsmanship, along with the latest modern testing & measurement equipment, and specialized tools.

"We are guardians of a tradition"



Henry L

Managing Director

Henry is the Managing Director of Watchmaking Project, an organization dedicated to restoration and proper service of luxury timepieces. He has over two decades of experience as a watchmaker who has serviced a multitude of luxury timepieces. He formerly was at Audemars Piguet and Omega.

Previously, he was in investment banking where he reviewed investment opportunities with emphasis on providing analysis and due diligence. 


  • Accounting, Hunter College - City University of New York

  • Watchmaker Apprenticeship


  • Omega WatchMaker Evaluation - Gold Standard Certificate #130

  • Omega WatchMaker Evaluation - 1120, 3303, 1861 & 8500

  • Longines Watch Company  — Certified Watchmaker

  • WOSTEP — Train the Trainers Course with Maarten Pieters

  • WOSTEP — Precision Timing with Paul Madden 

  • K&H Watchmaking Competency Center — Restoration & Construction Techniques for High End Watches with
    Henrik Korpela in Le Locle, Switzerland

  • K&H Watchmaking Competency Center & AWCI — High-End Horological Finishes with Henrik Korpela

  • Hublot of America — Proprietary Training

  • Audemars Piguet — Proprietary Training

  • Cartier Certified Watchmaker LEVEL 30 

  • Baume et Mercier Certified Watchmaker LEVEL 30

  • Mont Blanc Certified Watchmaker LEVEL 30


Vinny L

Senior Specialist Watchmaker

Vinny joined Watchmaking Project as a Senior Specialist Watchmaker. He has over three decades of aftersales service experience.


Previously, he was a complications watchmaker for Jaeger LeCoultre in Hong Kong, he also provided watchmaker training and boutique sales staff training in Asia.


  • Watchmaker Vocational Institute


  • Jaeger LeCoultre Certified Watchmaker from Manufacture Jaeger LeCoultre

  • Breitling Watchmaker Training

  • Ebel Watchmaker Training


Anna C

Lead Watchmaker Technician

Anna joined Watchmaking Project as the Lead Watchmaker Technician where she handles all aspects of after sales service for independent brands.

Previously, she was managing HR for a healthcare provider.


  • Accounting, Hunter College - City University of New York

  • Swatch Group Service Provider Training


  • Omega WatchMaker Evaluation 1120 

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